Galvanic 0-10V Isolator
January 4, 2017
Temperature 4-20mA transmitter for Pt100
January 4, 2017

Galvanic 4-20mA isolator


This device ensure a safe galvanic isolation in an analog 4-20mA signal transmission circuit. The galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduce noises and blocks transient signals.


Two way isolated
3500VDC isolation
TS-35 DIN rail mounting
+/-0.1% accuracy
Ip40 case
Screw terminals
Power LED
Cost effective

The LSP-IA1 isolator is designed to make galvanic isolation between the transmitter and the processing unit (PLC). This isolator is a 3 way galvanic isolator, which means that the input, output and power supply are mutually isolated from each other. This instrument is suitable for any industrial application where 4-20mAanalog signal is used, it reduces the impact of interference and ground potential differences. The module ensures 3500VDC isolation.