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Haas VF1 Vertical Machinig Centre



Travel X-axis: 508 mm

Travel Y-axis: 406 mm

Travel Z-axis: 508 mm

Spindle: 7500 rpm

Tool capacity: 20

Spindle motor power: 22.4 kW


Haas VF-2SS Vertical Machinig Centre



Travel X-axis: 762 mm

Travel Y-axis: 406 mm

Travel Z-axis: 508 mm

Spindle: 12000 rpm

Tool capacity: 30

Spindle motor power: 22.4 kW


Haas VF-2SSYT Vertical Machinig Centre



Travel X-axis: 762 mm

Travel Y-axis: 508 mm

Travel Z-axis: 508 mm

4th- and 5th-axis operations

Spindle: 12000 rpm

Tool capacity: 30+1

Spindle motor power: 22.4 kW


Haas ST-15Y High-performance Turning Center



Travel X-axis: 200 mm

Travel Y-axis: ± 51 mm mm

Travel Z-axis: 406 mm

Chuck size: 210 mm

Bar capacity: 64 mm

Spindle: 4000 rpm

Tool capacity: 12 (6 VDI; 6 BOT)

Spindle motor power: 14.9 kW



The number of machines we have or the quality that we produce ?


To ensure high quality.

Every part goes through our inspection room where the inspector has to measure the part and fill the quality document with the measured values. For the inspection we are using inside and outside micrometers, thread gauges hole gauges, precision calipers. Although we don’t have a 3D measuring machine YET, we are in contract with local company who can measure the parts for us and provide proof of measuring with 3D measuring system if required? We are constantly growing our inspection tools and aiming for perfection in every step of our work. 


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post treatments

We provide post-treatment services in-house and through our partners.

Sand blasting


This operation is done in our facility to smooth the rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants after the parts are machined and ready. By this, we are able to shorten the delivery time substantially and don’t need to rely on third parties.



Through our partners, we can provide anodizing which is a coating applied for the functional and optical improvement of aluminum materials. As a result of the treatment, the surface of the parts changes into a ceramic-like layer, encases the parts and protects them against wear and corrosion. Clients can choose from natural, colored and hard-anodized options.

Heat treatment


We can provide heat treatment for steel parts through partners. This operation is used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. To ensure that the measurements are not deviating, vacuum heat treatment is applied.

Laser marking


In our growing bussines, now we can mark a lot of type of metals (steel, aluminium, anodized parts – black or white mark, brass, precious metals) or some other materials like plastic, glass and others on up to a 200 x 200 mm area, even deep in the material.

packaging standards

Our team puts high attention on the details of packaging in order to ensure that the parts are not damaged and arrive to our clients safely. Therefore, we follow standardized steps in the process.


Free world-wide shipping

You don’t have to bother with arranging the shipping. We work together with numerous carrier companies to deliver your order anywhere you are located.