About us

Levtech Service and Production is a company based in Lueta, Romania. Our dedicated team with its unique expertise and craftsmanship aims to provide high quality solutions and wide range of services.

Next to our fixed list of products, we are capable to develop custom-made products and solve difficult inquiries. Our services include repairing and refurbishing commercial electronics mainly for the fuel industry. We also provide end-to-end personalized home and industrial automation, as well as upgrading and integrating existing systems and assist with training the users. Finally, we offer custom manufacturing projects for metal and plastic products using the very latest in CNC turning & milling machinery, and equipment.

Our mission is to create values for our customers and to become a trusted long-term partner for their solutions and innovations.

What makes us different is that our job is our passion, we value our customers, therefore we choose transparency, clear communication, we base our relationships on trust, and we deliver on time.