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We are fulfilling our clients special requirements for several years from now, with a great success. Our goal is to create high quality and reliable products with a competitive cost.


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Levtech Service & Production specializes in repairing and refurbishing commercial electronics for the fuel industry (Tokheim, Logitron, Gilbarco, Tatsuno Benc, Hectronic, OPW, Nuovo Pignone etc.)

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Beside the traditional CNC services, we offer complete solutions for helping big companies, startups, kickstarters or individuals, to make their product ideas a reality, through 3D modelling, manufacturing and the final assembly.

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Puffer Control

70,00  54,99  excluding VAT


Solar Control V2

70,00  54,99  excluding VAT

Products for fuel industry

Impulse module for Logitron HTRF

115,00  excluding VAT
150,00 178,00  excluding VAT
65,00  - 70,00 
126,00  - 139,00 

Analog Signal Converters

Isolated Signal Converter

116,00  - 128,00 
113,00  - 125,00 
12,50  excluding VAT
150,00  - 160,00 

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Universal service remote control for fuel pumps (Tokheim, Wayne Dresser, Adast, Tatsuno Benc, Satam)

105,00  - 120,00 

This is a universal fuel pump remote control which controls 5 different fuel pump types. This product is designed for fuel service companies, it can substitute 5 remote controls by itself. With the DIP-Switches the user can easily switch to the desired pump type and control the pump just like with the original remote control.

SKU: LSP-FRU Category:
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Communication interface for Gilbarco 2 Wire protocol

85,00  - 100,00 

This interface is made for connecting fuel pumps with Gilbarco Two Wire protocol to POS. This interface can handle one single side or one double side pump.

SKU: LSP-FCG Category:
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Conductivity and temperature transmitter

265,00  excluding VAT

This device is an advanced conductivity and temperature transmitter for water treatment applications. It has configurable analog outputs for conductivity and temperature measurement and it can be connected with sensors that have any types of cell constant.

SKU: LSP-TCT Category:
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Serial RS485 module for DOMS

135,00  - 150,00 

This communication module is made for the Gilbarco DOMS. Together they are communicating with fuel pumps, which are using serial Rs485 communication and they are addressable like the Wayne Dresser with the DART protocol or Tatsuno Benc and Logitron with Rs485 module.
It is equivalent with DSB453

SKU: LSP-FDDD Categories: ,
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Program box for Wayne Dresser

38,00  excluding VAT

This device is a remote control for the Wayne Dresser X2003 and X2000 calculator. It is used to configure the main board of the pump.

SKU: LSP-PBWD Category:
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